Solid Surface

Innovate Design

STODIS is the result of the resilience of a team which have been searching for the ideal product that would allow the design of unique objects in the market. We are specialists in solutions and products based on the transformation of solid surface.

STODIS started its activity in 2015 with the aim of meeting the needs of a more demanding and competitive market, STODIS tries to achieve the perfection in every element that creates. We are endowed and present in all the value chain with the most advanced technological and productive capacity in the sector.

Our distinctive high quality material associated with our innovative technological valences allows us to create special pieces as a result of an unlimited creativity, for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our engineers, designers and other employees work closely with our clients to create distinguish products and solutions in terms of quality and reliability and according to their requirements, needs and preferences. Each task is planned in detail in order to maximize our customers' satisfaction.

STODIS is an unique brand of products and solutions with design and innovation as a complement to the technical and functional characteristics of solid surface. We design and transform solid surface according to the object and needs of our clients. We are experts in the art of transforming solid surface to meet the state of the art in the sectors where we operate.


Design, develop and execute solid surface products and solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.


  • In innovation we add value to the solutions and products developed through an R&D department dedicated to the continuous searching for creative and unique solutions.
  • Quality we design, develop and execute our solutions and products with the best processes across the whole value chain.
  • With Efficiency we design, develop and execute, using the appropriate resources to maximize the return of our customers and partners.
  • Sustainability we develop solutions and products that persist in time, using materials that guarantee the future of the planet.
  • Commitment our employees are dedicated and committed in every relationship they establish with customers and partners.
  • Customer satisfaction Every stage of the process is focused on customer satisfaction, through the proactivity of our employees, reinforcing a cooperative relationship. Our projects are developed based on the value they bring to our customers.